Director’s Message

  Dear Aspirants     

  • The aim of RAWAT’S IAS ACADEMY, Dehradun under the guidance of Prof. G.S Rawat is to help you to achieve success in competitive examination. Success in examination is not a matter of hard work alone. Multiple Strategy and approach is to be adopted for qualifying the present system of competitive examination. It has been observed through my twenty eight year of experience that many hard working students fail to secure to come on merit despite “Burning the midnight oil”.
  • What is important is not how much you study but how you study. It is not the quantity of material and but the time quality which will count. Student, who is aspiring for higher grade like Indian Administrative service,Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service and Provincial Services should adopt the strategy of content analysis and process analysis for scoring higher grades. Cognitive, affective and Conative abilities are prerequisite for qualifying in Civil Services.
  • As you know that civil services exam is the mother of all examination, here is no single factor which determines success is civil services exam. It is a combination of various factors like patience, hard work, determination, self confidence, motivation, faith, perental support and to some extent luck. The Above factors are also hallmark of success.
  • It is my advice that IAS aspirants undergo career counseling. This is vital for SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threats) analysis.
  • Thus the right guidance, a reasonable level of intelligence (both IQ and EQ) proper planning, time management and long term preparation will go a long way in qualifying for civil services exam.

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